Jackson County Oregon Real Estate Sales and Marketing Services.


 We are a healthy second generation Real Estate Company, serving Buyers and Sellers in Jackson County Oregon since 1987.

We appreciate that our Clients lead demanding personal and professional lives, requiring high tech and fast paced Real Estate Sales.  We are certain that if we understand our client’s priorities, concerns, intentions and goals, we become exponentially more valuable to them.

With our experience and market understanding, we are confident in our ability to provide meaningful direction to our Clients and their loved ones.  We want our Buyers and Sellers to consider us their Real Estate Brokerage for life.

We provide our Buyer and Seller Clients with productive, responsive and professional Real Estate service.  Our Real Estate Brokers are experienced, and results oriented.  We have a consultative yet goal oriented approach to Real Estate sales and marketing.

We are a technically oriented company, both for the purpose of efficiency, but also for impact and effectiveness.  We are aggressive in our marketing.  It is our expectation to get our featured Real Estate listings seen, shown, and sold.  We not only market to Buyers, but we also heavily market to fellow Real Estate Brokers and other local Real Estate Professionals.

Many real estate sales have moments of difficulty.  From financing issues, condition issues, personal problems, upsets to anxiousness.  Part of our role in Real Estate is to find solutions, to assert ideas, to advocate for our clients.  We are here to serve our Client’s real estate needs, and relieve the stress of a move.

We are proud to represent really incredible people, who we have created lasting friendships with.  We offer a free consultation to those considering a move.  Please contact us if we can be of service.  You will find us available and responsive.  Meet Our Brokers.

Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate

Selling?  If you are considering selling, our Real Estate Brokers offer a free market analysis to help you determine its current market value. Knowing the approximate value can be helpful in making a decision.  We review recent comparable sales. A key factor in making decisions about Real Estate is often knowing the likely sales price.  All we need to start, is your address, provide your address here. Upsizing homes, downsizing homes, or moving to or from Jackson County, we are here to make the process less stressful.   We can help you make decisions based on your circumstances, and help you understand the options available to you.  While we are always looking for business, sometimes it is not the right time for a move.  You can count on us to offer an honest feedback.

Buying Real Estate in Jackson County Oregon

Buying Real Estate

If you are considering buying Real Estate in Jackson County Oregon, our Real Estate Brokers are capable and able to serve you in an organized and customized manner.  Not prequalified yet for a loan, no problem!  If we know your situation, we can help get you to the right lender for your situation.

Our Real Estate Brokers can work together with your lender and find the homes that can work for you and your loan type.

Review our Featured Listings to see what our Seller Clients currently have for sale.  We can set you up on a personalized search to only show you the results that are within your criteria.  The results will include all available MLS homes in the entire County.  You can select the ones you would like to tour, then we take you house shopping.


Landline Real Estate LLC

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Available By Appointment.  We are available on weeknights and weekends, as well as regular business hours. 

We appreciate your interest in doing business with us!